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Should I have a sewer scope inspection when I purchase a home?

Are you weighing the benefit of having a sewer scope inspection? Every home whether new or old has the potential for having problems with the building sewer pipe. It is difficult to know if there is a problem with the sewer pipe without a sewer scope inspection. Because the main sewer pipe is out of sight, it is often not upgraded or inspected when the home is upgraded. The older the home the greater the potential for problems with an aging sewer pipe.

  • New or newly remodeled homes can have construction debris in the pipe that can cause a blockage or the pipe can be improperly installed.
  • Homes built before 1980 can have aging outdated sewer pipe materials that are near or at the end of their life and deteriorating. Materials such as clay, concrete, cast iron, asbestos cement (aka Transite), or bituminous fiber pipe (aka Orangeburg).
  • Older homes can be nicely remodeled and look great, but the building sewer pipe has not been updated or inspected.
  • Trees growing between the home and the sewer/septic connection can lead to root intrusion into the pipe.
  • If you are an existing home owner and have never had a sewer scope performed. This can help identify any potential problems before they become a major concern.

At Spear Home Inspection, when you have the sewer scope performed at the same time with the home inspection, there is a savings on the fee. The fee for a sewer scope is small compared to the repair costs you might encounter with a problematic sewer pipe. When you combine your home inspection with a sewer scope you are will have a more accurate understanding of what your home may require in the future. Give us a call today at 425-888-4470 to schedule your inspection. Happy home hunting!

Sewer Scope Inspection


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