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Inspection Fees

The fee for a home inspection can vary greatly depending on the size, age, and other aspects of the home. The fee will also depend on the experience and thoroughness of the home inspector. My fee is based on how long it takes to perform your home inspection. The typical fee for an average size home ranges between $475 – $575. The lowest priced home inspection is not necessarily a bargain. The fee to add a sewer scope to the home inspection is $250.

It is important to qualify the home inspector you may be using. Below are some things to consider:

  • Get a referral from someone you trust.
  • Read the inspector’s reviews online.
  • A background in residential construction is desirable. 
  • Membership in a professional home inspector association. 
  • Read the inspector’s sample reports.
  • Does the inspector use an infrared camera.
  • How long will the inspection take. A thorough inspection takes time.

Most of all, you must be comfortable with the inspector you choose. You should be confident that the inspection and report will be thorough, clear, and informative. 

When you consider the cost of the home you are purchasing, an inspection fee is a small price to pay for the peace of mind a thorough inspection can bring. To request a quote, you will need the inspection address and your preferred date for the inspection. 

Then give me a call at 425-888-4470.


Home Inspection fees