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A home inspection with infrared scan?

What is the advantage of having a home inspection with an infrared scan?

An infrared camera in its simplest description is a camera that magnifies heat signatures. An infrared certified home inspector establishes a temperature difference between the interior of the home and the exterior. When the home is warmer inside than the outside temperature and there is water intrusion from the exterior, it appears on the infrared cameral as a heat signature. The same is true when the inspector runs cold water through the plumbing drains, any leaks onto the drywall will appear as a specific heat signature.

During a typical home inspection, there are problems that an infrared scan can expose that could otherwise go unseen. My main concern here in the Pacific Northwest is water intrusion. We receive a lot of rainfall during the year. Much of that rain fall is wind driven rain that can enter into the home in areas where rain without wind cannot reach. Wind driven snow can also blow into areas that are not well protected.

A slow leak either from an exterior or interior water source may not appear on the interior surface of the home for a long time. Over time a small leak that goes unnoticed can lead to fungal growth and deterioration. This can add up to very expensive repairs. A properly performed  infrared scan can typically find these types of leaks. I recommend that you consider having a home inspection completed by a home inspector who is certified to also perform an infrared scan.

The closet ceiling to the normal eye

A closet ceiling newly painted.

The hidden leak caught with my infrared camera

The improperly repaired roof leak.








A kitchen ceiling

The slow leak from the master bathtub.








New home inspection

Leak from master bathroom above.












Vaulted living room ceiling

Roof leaked during repairs.









Home inspection with infrared scan

Confirming active in-floor hydronic heating

Home inspection with infrared scan

Active in-floor hydronic heating










Home inspection with infrared scan

Missing insulation on a cold day

Home inspection with infrared scan

Missing insulation on a warm day