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Home Maintenance Is Important

Understanding that our home requires maintenance on a regular basis is crucial to caring for two of our most valuable assets, our home and our family that it protects. As our home ages it requires maintenance and small repairs to keep it in good working order and help prevent deterioration that can lead to major problems. Regular maintenance will help keep our home functioning as designed.

The standard home inspection we recommend can give you the information that you need to help prioritize your home’s maintenance and get you started in the right direction. We can also provide an exterior or interior only inspection for home owners who do not prefer a full home inspection.

One of the greatest threats to our home is water intrusion whether it be from outside or inside of our home. The following examples are small repairs and maintenance items found on almost every home that can lead to water intrusion.


Roof Covering

Exposed fasteners

Exposed fasteners






Exposed fasteners

Missing flashing 







Skylight sealant missing






Roof tile damaged







Flashing damage/missing

Gutters and downspouts improperly functioning

Moss and tree debris

Gutter Debris



Vegetation contact

Paint deterioration

Caulking separation

Ground slope towards the home

Ground contact

Siding damage or deterioration

Flashing damage/missing

Decks and railings

Picket spacing

Foundation cracking

Incoming SEC tree contact

Exhaust flashing damper operation



Safety features



Water supply and drain leaks at all plumbing fixtures

Caulking at countertops, sinks, showers, tubs, etc…

Exhaust fan air flow

Picket spacing

Door settling



GFCI outlet testing

Smoke and carbon monoxide detector testing

Open electrical



Water heater age and visible inspection

Drip pan with an alarm

Temperature of the hot water

Location of the water shut off

Location of the gas shut off

Sump pump operation



Service of the furnace

Cleaning of the in-wall and baseboard heaters

Fireplace and chimney cleaning

Service of the A/C

Register air flow



Range anti tip device

Dishwasher rack coating repairs

Clothes washer drip pan with an alarm

Food disposal visual inspection

Range hood filter cleaning

Dryer ductwork cleaning



Caulking at floors, plumbing fixtures, countertops, etc…

Hand rails



Pest activity


Exhaust fans

Fungal growth

Roof leaks

Insulation floor and plumbing



Pest activity

Plumbing leaks

Water intrusion


Insulation floor and plumbing

Vapor barrier

Foundation cracking

Fungal growth