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Buyer’s Inspection

My promise to you is to provide you with a thorough, detailed home inspection and then clearly communicate that information keeping your best interests in mind.”

Gregg Spear, President
Spear Home Inspection Inc.

Allow me to remove the stress from your home inspection experience. Because I work strictly for you and have your best interests in mind, a thorough home inspection will take the guess work out of the condition of the home based on the detailed report I provide you. With accurate knowledge of the condition of your home, you can make informed decisions regarding the negotiation of repairs and the purchase price of the home. When you schedule a home inspection with me you can expect:

  • A convenient online inspection agreement.
  • An onsite, pre-inspection discussion regarding your concerns about the home
  • A thorough on-site home inspection per the WA State Standards of Practice.
  • An infrared scan of the critical areas of the interior of the home.
  • An on-site discussion of any major problems or safety concerns found.
  • Payment by credit card at my website after the report is uploaded or personal check upon completion of the site inspection.
  • An online narrative report with digital pictures. Also video and infrared pictures where applicable.
  • Ongoing customer service for any questions you have regarding the home.

*We have other inspection options available for. Please call for specific details.*

The key to protecting your home investment is to properly understand and manage the care of your new home with all its different systems. This begins with knowing the condition of the home you are purchasing. Call me at 425-888-4470 to schedule your Buyer’s Home Inspection today!

Home Inspection with Infrared Scan

I7 Infrared Camera