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Purchasing a home can be unfamiliar and stressful for some clients. I have been providing professional home inspections to my clients since 2012 providing accurate inspection information in a calm way helping to alleviate some of that stress.

I understand that communicating the inspection information to our client correctly is as important as the inspection itself. When properly presented, you and our client should feel confident that you now have all of the information necessary to make an informed decision regarding the home.

My promise to you is to provide our client with a thorough and detailed home inspection and then truthfully communicate that information in a calm and unbiased way keeping our client’s best interests in mind.”

Gregg Spear, President
Spear Home Inspection Inc.

This is what you can expect from Spear Home Inspection Inc. at our next inspection:

  • A convenient online inspection agreement for our client to sign.
  • Typically I arrive an hour early to inspect the roof and start the exterior reducing your time spent at the inspection.
  • An onsite, pre-inspection discussion regarding any concerns about the home you or our client may have.
  • A thorough on-site home inspection per the WA State Standards of Practice.
  • An infrared scan of the critical areas of the interior of the home.
  • An on-site post inspection discussion of any major problems or safety concerns found.
  • An online narrative report with digital pictures available within 24 hours and accessed by a unique username and password.
  • Video commentary and infrared pictures  included in the online report, where applicable.
  • Ongoing customer service for any questions they have regarding their home.

Thank you for considering Spear Home Inspection Inc. for your inspection needs!


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