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Why a home inspection with thermal imaging?

What is the advantage of having an infrared certified home inspector using a thermal imaging camera as part of your home inspection?

During a typical home inspection, there are problems that an infrared scan can expose that could otherwise go unseen. The most common defect I find is water intrusion. A slow leak either from an exterior or interior water source may not appear on the interior surface of the home for a long time. A properly performed  infrared scan can typically find these types of leaks. Water intrusion is one of my main concerns.

The closet ceiling to the normal eye

A closet ceiling newly painted.

The hidden leak caught with my infrared camera

The improperly repaired roof leak.








A kitchen ceiling

The slow leak from the master bathtub.








New home inspection

Leak from master bathroom above.












Vaulted living room ceiling

Roof leaked during repairs.









Confirming active in-floor hydronic heating

Active in-floor hydronic heating










Missing insulation on a cold day

Missing insulation on a warm day